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Troubleshooting HTTP 502 Bad Gateway in AWS EBS

The application that we are going to discuss in this post was running on Elastic Beanstalk (EBS) service in Amazon Web Services (AWS). Intermittently, this application was throwing an HTTP 502 Bad Gateway error. In this post, let’s discuss how we troubleshot and resolved this HTTP 502 bad gateway error in Elastic Beanstalk service

Not only java.lang.Math: what about Apache.commons.Math?

Novice programmers are sometimes too hesitant to explore unfamiliar tools. Especially if there are generally accepted solutions to its problems. However, you may find that some lesser-known tools are better suited for your tasks. There can be many reasons, the simplest one being that these tools may simply have a better implementation and be faster. In this article, we will look at some parts of the Apache Commons Math library that will be useful for mathematical calculations.

Kotlin – the better Java?

The Kotlin programming language saw the light of day in February 2016 with version 1.0. In 2019, Google declared Kotlin the "first-class citizen" of Android development, helping it achieve a breakthrough. But what makes Kotlin special? Why is it worth taking a look at even for Java veterans who have nothing to do with Android? This article will cover this and other questions.

Choreography vs Orchestration in serverless microservices

Should there be a central orchestrator controlling all interactions between services or should each service work independently and interact through events? This is the central question in the choreography vs orchestration debate. In orchestration, a central service defines and controls the flow of traffic between services. With centralization, it becomes easier to change and monitor the flow and apply consistent policies.
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