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Scala: Beyond the Basics [session video]

What can you do in Scala that you can’t do in Java? In this JAX London 2018 session recording by Christopher Batey you will discover all the things you need to know about Scala and the way it is being used in contemporary projects. Programing languages are exciting - Watch this video to discover new features and new ideas!

Cloud native Java with Micronaut – An alternative to Spring?

Yes, you read it correctly, there are alternatives. Although the top dog Spring is enjoying great popularity with Java applications, we should not forget that there are also other frameworks worth taking a look at. Here we’ll be talking about Micronaut, a relatively new framework, but one that offers some interesting features that make it a real rival to Spring, especially in the cloud environment. In this article, we will implement an application using Spring Boot and then using Micronaut. Then, we will compare the two approaches and see where each framework is superior to the other.

Java 12 Tutorial: How the new switch expressions work

The switch case expressions in Java go back pretty much to the beginnings of the programming language. It was basically a compromise in language design to make it easier for C++ developers to switch to Java. Relics like break and fall-through were not very intuitive and caused a lot of errors. In addition, the case statement was very limited regarding the notation of the values. Fortunately, this all changes with Java 12. The syntax has been slightly modified to allow specifying one expression and multiple values. In this way, case differences can be formulated much more elegantly.

RESTful APIs done right

Anyone who has ever set up a domain with microservices already knows: APIs for service-to-service communication are of crucial importance. Since each team has its own style and implements interfaces differently, the number of various approaches tends to explode sooner or later. Defining a guideline with rules and examples right at the beginning of the project helps to guarantee consistent APIs which are as self-explanatory as possible.

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