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Cloud Native Microservices with MicroProfile, Docker, Kubernetes, Istio and OpenShift

Best of Java 9-15: Cool New Java Features

The Continuous Culture

High-Performance Java-Cloud-Native Apps & Microservices

Beyond Acceptance Testing: Domain-Driven Tests

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Live Coding Server as a Function with http4k

Debug Your Development Process

Modern Java for Cloud Developers

From DevOps to MLOps

Java at Speed: Building a Better JVM

Error Handling in Kotlin and Beyond

Using Reinforcement Learning to beat Go Masters and Write Unit Tests

Continuously Delivering Continuous Delivery

The How and Why of writing a Kubernetes Operator in Java

No Free Lunch? Memory Allocation in the JVM

ArchUnit – Unit Testing Architecture and Design

Reactive Domain-driven Design with Message Streaming

Concurnas – a Modern JVM Language for Modern Software

Strategies for Decomposing Monoliths

Teaching New Tricks- How to Enhance the Skills of Experienced Developers

Serverless Containers with Knative and Cloud Run

Mob Programming: Learn Together. Deliver Together!

Machine Learning in the Browser

Java with a Clojure Mindset

Reactive Microservice in Action

Let's Build our own Dependency Injection Framework!

Reacting to an Event-Driven World

What we Learned Moving Hundreds of Services into the Cloud – A Java/Kubernetes/Cassandra/DynamoDB Best Practices Story

Functional Programming & State Management

Modern Garbage Collection Tuning – Step by Step

The Past, Present, and Future of Cloud Native API Gateways

Event-driven REST APIs

Responsible Microservices

Maximising Teamwork in Delivering Software Products

Pairing Machine Learning + Blockchain for Enhanced Data Tracking, Insights and Security

Have You Really Taken the Time to Know Me?: A G1 GC Saga

Wrap-up JAX London

Functional Event Sourcing Workshop – Build your own ES Service in Kotlin

Service Mesh Workshop: Create, Manage and Test a Java Service Mesh with Istio